OK so I’ve always wanted to do this, I finally found  a vocal coach and wow did I get lucky! Not only did she make me feel comfortable practicing, but I’ve heard a huge improvement in my ability to vocalize and breathe!” – James M. 10/10/16

Thank you Jaymee for helping me re-discover my joy of singing!!  After only a handful of lessons I have walked away with so much of her knowledge of singing.  Jaymee has taught me many helpful warmups and techniques for classical training, belting, low notes, high notes, speak-singing, etc.  She has made her studio a relaxing place where I feel comfortable with being loud and where I can practice those high notes and new tones without any fear of judgment or interference from the outside world.  She will help you improve your voice at your own pace to make it strong and healthy.
Jaymee is a great person to connect with emotionally to the music.  With each song we work on she reminds me to find my own meaning behind the lyrics and the music.  You’re not just singing a song; you’re communicating your message to someone with feeling and passion.  My voice and my own style have improved with each lesson from her.  It has been years since I had an outlet to fully express my voice and focus on my breathing and I have found a great place to practice and learn from her.” – Paige T. 8/25/16

She is extraordinary! My daughter loves music but it was never ending battles to get her to Practice. Jamie’s innovative style take the part of music that she loves and feeds that. She now practices in her relaxation time on her own. It’s everything a developing musician needs.” – Jennifer B. 09/8/16

Jaymee is a wonderful teacher. She connects emotionally with me and encourages and teaches me to find my authentic sound. Every time I go I not only sound better, I feel better. If you love music and believe in yourself, Jaymee can help you make sounds you love and to love your voice and teach you to love singing and sharing your voice with others.” – Claire H. 7/30/2016

Jaymee was a breath of fresh air! I’ve been musically inclined my whole life. But I’ve always been a “play by ear” type of musician. With her background and knowledge in music, she was able to help me tremendously. I walked away with new techniques, and a better understanding of my style and how to improve it. Whether you are new to music, or a seasoned professional, Jaymee will find a way to help you in a fun and comfortable way that suits your personality and style.” – Logan B. 03/19/16

I have always been a singer but then I went thru some heavy/dark trials in my short life and had fallen deeply out of touch with my old love.. Music! So coming out my shell for the first time in 3years, I knew I would need to find someone special to help. Jaymee’s friendly disposition and upbeat, enthusiastic dedication put my mind at ease. She started as simply as improving my breathing technic and then helping me to gain my wide range back! It takes hard work from both ends but this amazing woman will not steer you wrong! Whether it’s prepping you for an audition, dazzling your friends in a random night of karaoke or simply trying a new style of singing. She sets no boundaries on you! I can’t say enough on how true to her words she is, I received no judgement for what I lacked but respect, encouragement and the faith to let my voice shine once more. Jaymee was so welcoming and kind to not only me but also to  my 4 year old daughter, while I brought her a few times with me. Showing her a love for music I so desperately wanted her to experience. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and Strongly encourage others, if you’re looking for a stellar vocal coach, you’ve got to take a minute and meet Jaymee! You won’t regret it!!!” – Maria P. 6/7/2016

I’ve known Jaymee for years and my experience working with her has been unforgettable. She has a heart of gold and a true passion for music and the success of new, up and coming artists. If you’re looking for a teacher/mentor who can help you with any part of the voice as well as push you to the best of your abilities, Jaymee is the one for you.” – Madelyne F. 2/28/16

The Experience that I had working with Jaymee was amazing helped me to refine my voice, Helped me work on my breathing she’s in all the round great teacher if you’re looking for a teacher you can relate to and that will do nothing more and help you become the best at what you do Jaymee Atlas is definitely a great choice.” – Cory J. 2/18/16