Vocal Coaching

Welcome to Atlas Vocal Studio. 

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Our method is designed to promote vocal health and longevity. We use a wealth of different vocal techniques to help each student find their true style and sound. We coach confidence through music. Our sessions are weekly and our students pre-pay monthly on the first of each month. Our vocal sessions include piano, guitar, or bass instruction at no additional cost. If you prefer instrument instruction a la cart, we include speaking with confidence as musicians must learn how to advocate for themselves. We believe in growth and singers who can sing it, play it, write it, and teach it end up having the most diversity and work in the industry. Raising well rounded musicians for no additional cost is what sets our studio apart. All 60 Min sessions book on the hour but end at 55min/90 min end at 80min.


Vocal Coaching w/Jaymee:

Kids Vocal Coaching (Age 7-18 and please let us know if you’d like your child to learn an instrument as well. We are happy to include this instruction within the lesson time):

60 Min: $85/Session

45 Min (7 and under) $75/Session

Sibling Rate: $70/Session per student

90 min Audition/Recording/Show Prep. Session $150

Adult Vocal Coaching:

60 Minute Sessions: $120

90 min Audition/Recording/Show Prep. Session $150

Instrument Coaching :

Adult 45 Min. Guitar Sessions: $75

Kids 45 Min. Guitar Sessions: $60

Kids 30 Min. Guitar Sessions: Piano a la carte: $55

Kids 45 Min. Basic Piano: $60

Kids 30 Min Basic Piano: $55


View Our IG to see our students and coaching: www.instagram.com/atlasvocalstudio