AVS Studio Policies & Info

2018 Atlas Vocal Studio Policies & Info

Please print, sign and date before 1st session: AVS Policies & Info


  • In order to book lessons, they must be prepaid. For weekly students, lessons are paid by the 1st of the month unless you join mid-month and then we get the first month settled before billing on the following first of the month.

Coaches and Substitution:

  • Our staff is trained to sub for each other at any given time for any circumstance. We have identical lessons and students will receive the same quality of lesson regardless of who teaches it. Due to the nature of the business, we do sometimes get sick, book professional gigs, and have vacation time. If a coach must miss lessons, one of our other coaches will coach the lesson. At Atlas Vocal Studio our coaches work hard to study together to create fluid results in all coaching sessions. Our coaches are working professionals in the industry and you may find them in the media, on the radio, tv, or online. We have learned through many years of experience that there is something valuable in every lesson, with every coach.


  • We are preparing to expand in 2018 and are currently working in the LG home studio after our lease ended in our last space. Here is the address:
  • 107 Oak Rim Court, Los Gatos, CA #12


Jaymee (Vocal Coaching Only):

  • Adults: $120/hr
  • Adults $60/Half hour
  • Kids: $85/Hr
  • Kids: $75/45min (Ages 7 and under)
  • Sibling Rate: $70 per session per student

Instrument Coaching Only:

  • Adults: $75/hr
  • Adults: $45/Half hour
  • Kids: $60/45 min
  • Kids: $55/Half Hour


  • We accept Venmo, all major credit cards, cash, or checks. Once payment is received, we will book you onto the calendar via text or you can also give us a call. We also take checks and cash.
  • We accept cash, all major credit cards, checks, Venmo, or Paypal via friends and family.
  • Atlas Vocal Studio is not responsible for any charges accrued by paypal and though we do accept it, if there is a fee, the student will be responsible for that fee and not the studio.
  • As of 10/1/17 there will be a late payment fee of $25 per day until payments are received.


  • Lessons are one hour/45min/30min in length; 55/40/25 minutes for teaching/rep, with the final 5 minutes for lesson discussion, parent check ins, scheduling, assigning songs to rehearse, etc whatever we may need.
  • We need a list of students who need to to learn to read music in addition to their voice lessons so we can begin to work exercises into the lessons.
  • Some students split their lessons half singing and half instrument.
  • Student drop of is typically best for our students. Parents staying in may take away from the lesson both for the student and coach especially if a parent is critiquing either the student or the coach.
  • If a parent sits through the lesson please observe quietly and refrain from critiquing the students or the coach. We stand behind our coaches 100% and this may stress both the student and the coach leading to less productive sessions moving forward. Email requests and calls are always welcome to trouble-shoot any issues.


  • Lessons are reserved weekly and if a student needs to miss their weekly lesson for any reason, they will be offered a make-up session within the month of the missed lesson.
  • There is a 48 hour cancellation policy. With less than 48 hours notice, if we cannot fill the spot, you will be charged for your lesson. Illness of course is always an exception and students will be offered a make-up lesson.
  • Please email/call if you need to reschedule.
  • Make-up lessons must be completed within the month the original lesson was purchased and will not roll into the following month.
  • Please make sure students arrive and leave on time.
  • If a student is more than 15 min late the lesson will be considered cancelled and there will be no make-ups or refunds offered.
  • We require a 30 day notice to cancel your weekly or bi-weekly spot in our studio and the 30 days will begin on the 1st of the last month. You can let us know any time in the previous month but the last month will begin on the first of the following month. Example: If you plan for August to be your last month, let us know any time in July or at the beginning of August and you will end your weekly lessons end of August.
  • This gives us time to fill the space that you have requested to book with another eager student. There are no exceptions to this policy and any students who leave with zero notice will be charged for the following month and $25 per day until their balance is paid.
  • AVS has its own calendar and students will always be rescheduled due to any studio closing unless otherwise stated. AVS does not always close on conventional holidays and is very diligent about re-booking all students if the studio is closed for any reason. If a lesson is scheduled and the studio must close for any reason, the lesson will still need to be attended by both coach and student on a make-up date. It is at the studio’s discretion whether a payment for a lesson can be missed and the student can be excused from the lesson with no penalty. If a family refuses to pay for a lesson because of a studio closure and the studio has given multiple reschedule dates and adequate notice, the student will forfeit a separate lesson to cover the cost of the refused lesson. Monthly Calendars with work-shops, closures, and make-up days are always sent out the previous month.
  • ** If for some reason you cannot afford our pricing, please let Jaymee know. We have NEVER turned a student away over pricing though we work on an honor system and do not give discounts unless there are dire circumstances.


  • We offer multiple audition work-shops per year, group activities, and performances. Some are included in cost, some are not. We encourage all students to attend workshops as we know that teamwork makes the dream work. Students who attend our workshops and group lessons fare better in auditions, socially within and outside of the studio, and typically have a strong bond with the other kids. That is what sets AVS a part: We are a family and are here to lift up each and every singer to reach their dreams and their voice. This is a competitive industry. Always be kind because you never know who is sitting behind the next audition table!

Welcome to the Dream!

The AVS Team!